About us

The Hertfordshire and west Essex ICS is a collaboration of health and care organisations across Hertfordshire and west Essex, through the academy we hope to attract people into a health or care career with work experience, promote opportunities and support the development of our existing staff to create the next generation of leaders and develop a workforce that delivers the best possible care for our communities.

Our work includes:

  • making it easier to find information and resources on careers in health and care

  • a dedicated schools and college engagement programme to improve awareness of the variety of career options, with a coordinated and consistent work experience offer across the area

  • targeted promotion of different roles, job opportunities, registered education courses, apprenticeships and other career pathways

  • ‘Career Passports’ so existing staff can move across the sector with greater focus on integration and joined-up working

  • a shared hub for staff wellbeing, training and opportunities across all organisations

  • resources, networks and development opportunities to build an inclusive and compassionate leadership culture

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Who is the Health and Care Academy for?

The Academy is for anyone needing career guidance or for those who may be interested in working in health or care across Hertfordshire and west Essex.

It’s also designed to support the career development of our existing staff, providing access to opportunities such as apprenticeships, management trainee schemes, specialist or management training and leadership development. 

'I have received an overwhelming amount of support and guidance. Their help included: up-to-date emails regarding new posts about physiotherapy assistant jobs etc which I immediately applied for'

Physiotherapy Assistant, Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust

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Why are we doing this?

Health and care organisations in Hertfordshire and west Essex have been working over many years to attract and retain the very best people to care for people in our community. Our ‘Healthier Future’ strategy for the area outlines our aim to provide consistent, high-quality care delivered in the right place for everyone.

By working together on a ‘one workforce’ approach, we’re joining up opportunities across the whole system – whether it’s in hospitals, general practice, social care or community care.  Through the Academy, staff will be able to develop their careers through any of the partner organisations, with a central hub for training opportunities, wellbeing support and resources that will help drive consistent, high-quality, person-centred care.

'I could not recommend the academy enough as their website is very informative and easy to follow with different pathways available.  Thank you all for all your help and support you have given me!'

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Clinical and non-clinical Health and Care Academy Ambassadors Programme

Are you passionate about your profession?

We are looking for volunteers from all clinical and non-clinical backgrounds to work with us to showcase the various roles in a health and social care career.

Career events are a great way to support young people in understanding what careers are available to them and how they can access these opportunities, opportunities such as work experience and apprenticeships.

These events allow you to talk about your own career journey, promote your role and duties and more to inspire them to think about their future choices.

Interested? to get involved or for more information please email us: Academy.hwe@nhs.net

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Our Organisations

There are a wide range of different organisations that we represent across Hertfordshire and West Essex.

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