Work experience

Work experience

Work experience is a fantastic way of gaining insight into a career especially what a day in the life is like for that job. It can be a valuable way for you to develop confidence and experience caring for people.

With over 350 career options available in health and care it can seem a daunting experience to choose which job is right for you and work experience can help you with those decisions.

How to find work experience in Hertfordshire and west Essex?

We have a range of work experience placements across health and care. If you would like to apply please check that you meet the minimum requirements and then click on the apply button. You will then be asked to register and apply on the work experience portal.

All of our placements can be found here but if you can’t find what you are looking for please email

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How to apply for work experience placements

Details of placement opportunities can be found below.  Click on the opportunity title for further information, or simply click on the “Apply” button and you will be redirected to the work experience portal which is provided by the NHS Talent Academy. Please complete all of the information requested including any alternative dates in case your preferred dates cannot be offered.

Virtual Work Experience

We realise how important work experience is in supporting you to make decisions about your future career but recognise that face to face opportunities are in high demand. With this in mind we also have a range of virtual work experience programmes and opportunities.

These programmes can be found below and more will be added over the coming weeks and months.

Are you wanting to gain experience but are struggling to get a physical work experience placement?

The NHS Talent Academy have now launched bespoke e-placements covering various career opportunities within health and care.

The E-Placement will provide you with an insight into your chosen career path through a series of videos, tutorials, quizzes and virtual tours. It will also help to develop a greater understanding of knowledge, skills and behaviours required for your chosen profession.

How to access the E-Placements

The E-placements are free to access but you will need to register for a free account with the NHS Talent Academy (provided by the Lincolnshire Talent Academy). To register for an account you will need to be over 14 years of age and will need consent from a parent or carer if you are under 18 as part of the registration process.

You only need to register once but you will need to click on apply for each E-placement you wish to complete. Once you have applied a link to the E-placement will be sent to you to complete.

How to book your E-placements place

Please find below a step by step guide to help book your E-placement place. If you need any further help please email

E Placements Guide

Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) want to encourage aspiring medics across the UK to register and use Observe GP.

Observe GP is an alternative to work experience for aspiring medics aged 16 and over, who are living in the UK. It is a free interactive video platform providing insights into the role of a GP and the wider primary care team. 

For more information and to access Observe GP click here.

This course provides a 'virtual' work experience for those looking to apply to medical school. You will be introduced to the NHS before exploring the roles and skill sets of six different medical specialists. Along the way, you will also consider some of the challenges and wider issues doctors face.

This virtual work experience tool designed to provide some of the most important points you might have learnt in real-world work experience about being a doctor in the NHS. Vitally, the course also gives you opportunity to become familiar with reflecting on your experiences in order to make them as valuable to you as possible.

The six different medical specialties are explored using presentations, patient cases and quizzes. Each module focuses on common clinical situations that you might have encountered in real work experience and highlight important points related to being a doctor, such as skills and qualities. It is not designed to increase your understanding of science and medical theory.

This course is not designed to completely replace experience completed in the real world, but to provide an insight into medicine and being a doctor.

The content explored may supplement work experience already achieved and/or allow you to build knowledge in areas of medicine you may have not had access to. As such, this virtual work experience tool will help you make an informed decision of whether applying to medical school is right for you.

For more information or to apply for free click here.

The Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and Hertfordshire Opportunities Portal are running a series of virtual career conversations.

Health and social care topics covered so far include;

  • Medicine

  • Nursing

  • Nursing associates

  • Social care

  • Pharmacy

  • Healthcare science

The webinars are available to watch by clicking here.

Doctor You has been set up by Health Education England, part of the National Health Service (NHS), to encourage more people to consider a career in medicine.

Being a doctor is like no other career. Every day you have the ability to help people recover from illness or injury, change lives or even save lives. It can be challenging but also hugely rewarding.

There are quite a few myths about who can or can’t be a doctor. The fact is doctors come from all sorts of different backgrounds, they’ve often learnt different subjects at school, and you don’t have to worry about always getting top grades. If you are interested in becoming a doctor, why not look into it and give it a go?

For more information, resources, videos and to hear what it’s like being a doctor click here.

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More placements are being added regularly and if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us here.

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