Psychological Professions

carreer image If you have an interest in how people think and behave and want to use the study of psychology to help people with mental health problems, a career in the psychological professions could be for you

One in four people will suffer from mental health problems at some point in their lives. This can range from mild conditions, such as anxiety, to severe depression or more rare and complex conditions such as psychosis, personality disorders or bipolar disorder. You could be helping people and their families cope with problems as diverse as trauma, drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders, family breakdown, bereavement or the effects of disability. You might work with people with major health conditions such as cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular disease to help tackle psychological issues linked to their health.

Helping children, young people and adults to understand their condition and develop ways to cope with or overcome their problems and lead a normal life can offer real job satisfaction.

Training may range from a practical counselling qualification to the three-year Doctorate required to practise as a clinical psychologist where you will learn a range of psychological theories and also undertake your own research project.

·         Psychological well being practitioners

·         High intensity therapists

·         Forensic psychologists

·         Health psychologist

·         Counsellors

Psychological well being practitioners are trained to assess & support people with common mental health problems – principally anxiety disorders & depression – in the self-management of their recovery.

High intensity therapists equip people with the tools & techniques they need to overcome complex problems related to anxiety and depression.

Forensic psychology applies psychological theory to criminal investigation, understanding psychological problems associated with criminal behaviour, and the treatment of those who have committed offences.

Health psychology uses knowledge of psychology and health to promote general well-being. They also understanding the impact on physical illness.