Case studies

Find out more about what it’s like to work in health and care with these real-life stories from a range of staff. These interviews give you an insight into working in a particular role and what they love most about their job.

If you’re thinking about applying for work experience, an internship or volunteering but are not sure what to expect, hear how others have found the experience, what the benefits are, and how it’s helped them to find the right career for them.

If you would like to share any experiences you have in relation to your career journey, work experience etc. Please do get in touch we would be happy to help.

Mark a newly appointed Learning Disability Nurse tells us why he wanted to be a Learning Disability Nurse

I LOVE being an intellectual disability nurse. Its thought provoking, emotional and interesting it can be hard work but incredibly rewarding.

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Mary-Ann always knew she wanted to be a nurse.

Working as a nurse in a care home Mary-Ann always knew that she wanted to be a nurse.

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Masimba - Mental Health Nurse

It was quite intensive but I got the grades and then enrolled as a student nurse. So if I can do it, any man can do it!

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Mira tells us all about her role as a Specialist Orthoptist

Orthoptics is the study of eye disease and eye movement problems, the majority of patients an orthoptist sees are children and elderly.

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Naomi Bignell tells us why she became a Learning Disability Nurse.

I worked as a bank healthcare assistant across multiple wards and clinic settings looking for the right direction.

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Neil tells us how being a volunteer led to a career as a mental health nurse

Starting out as a volunteer at 16 Neil tell us about his journey into mental health nursing and then into a service lead role.

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NHS Graduate Management Trainee Charlotte tells us all about her experience

The scheme sounded really interesting, and I particularly liked the fact trainees are given the opportunity to do a range of placements

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NHS Graduate Management Trainee Hannah tells us all about her experience

I had a keen interest in the NHS and had always wanted to play my part in making a difference to patients, so thought I would give it a go!

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Pam tells us why she decided to retrain as a midwife

Pam retrained as midwife and is now a multiple pregnancy specialist midwife, looking after twin and triplet pregnancies.

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Read Ellie truly inspiring story from being in foster care to becoming a Children's Nurse

I loved the idea of helping people and loved working with children. I then decided I would study Children’s Nursing at University

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Read what Olly Taylor has to say about completing an internship

My name is Olly Taylor and I want to tell you about how an internship led to my current job and why you should consider similar opportunities.

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Read what Tanya, A nursing assistant practitioner has to say

Tanya joined PAHT in 2014 as one of the first ward assistants. Read more about Tanya’s journey, inspirations & her stand out moments

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